IJMB Centre In Ilorin.

Student Village academy is an accredited IJMB centre in ilorin. We are equipped with one of the best hostel & lecture facilities available for students.

IJMB centres in Ilorin is so popular for IJMB programme because of the University of Ilorin, which is a highly rated University in Africa that do accept the programme into 200 level of any course of the candidate choice. Due to the fact, people search IJMB Ilorin a lot, I can’t shy away from it by making a post about IJMB Ilorin. Applying to run the IJMB via IJMB Ilorin study centre is very simple and straight forward. Since Ilorin centre is our major study centre for the programme, all that the interested candidate needs to do is to print the form out from our IJMB website and the applicant will be automatically be registered to Ilorin.

The University of Ilorin accept IJMB, but they don’t run the IJMB program in the university. So if you are planning to start IJMB program you register Ijmb online with us, start the lecture write your final exam by February next year, wait for the result after about 2 months or even earlier, buy your Direct Entry (D.E), write your post UTME and wait for admission list, start your lectures in Unilorin. Without wasting time, that is how all the process you need to go through for anyone going for the IJMB programme due to UTME admission process, IJMB is the best alternative so far. And don’t forget that, IJMB result does not expire, unlike JAMB and Post UTME that expire every year. So you don’t even border about rewriting any exam as far as IJMB is concerned, once you have the result you have it forever, if you failed to gain admission for the first time you can use it to gain admission into university after years or anytime you wish your result. We also need to sound a note of warning that IJMB Centres in Ilorin, Kwara state in general, are not a miracle centre, while will provide all the necessary facilities to make study very easy with capable hands for each course, students need also to study hard on their own. If you are applying for this programme, you are saying that you want to read and study hard even from the first day of the lecture.

Running your IJMB here in Ilorin is easier than any other places, The transport issues are not there, as students walk from their hostel to lecture rooms, the security issues are not a problem in Ilorin, and the low cost of our hostel make it convenient for all classes of people who might give IJMB a chance, With all the peaceful loving host.

Click here to register for IJMB in Ilorin at Student Village Academy Ilorin

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