IJMBE ยป IJMBE Nigeria

The 2020/2021 IJMB session would have its examinations commence on the 15th of june, this means the new session for IJMB has already commenced.

Students who are interested in university admission using IJMB into any school of their choice can now register with student village academy. It will do well to note that candidates who wish to register for the IJMB programme at student village can register using these 2 methods.

  1. Offline registration – Students can register for IJMB at our accredited IJMB centre by buying the IJMB form for N5,000. Interested students should ensure they go along with their passport photographs & other means of identification. The admission officer would attend to you.
  2. Online registration – Interested students can buy the IJMB form online for N5,000 by clicking here, then they proceed to the accredited IJMB centre for clearance.


IJMB has succeded in helping over 200,000 students gain admission into the choice universities via Direct entry, but it is no news that the IJMB programme is for serious minded students, interested students must be able 17 years & above, must have the capacity to study for exams on their own.

IJMB lectures are very intensive so students must be able to understand what the IJMB lecturers teach them without any hassle.

If you are tired of writing JAMB then you can register for IJMB at Student Village academy.

IJMB can be used to study any course in the university as long as you get the required score from Medicine, law to Nursing.

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