It’s no news that IJMB & JUPEB are one of the best alternatives for admission seekers who wish to study in Nigerian Universities without JAMB. Based on statistics students who use IJMB / JUPEB for direct entry into Universities within Nigerian are well over 200,000, but these programs are not a bed of roses, often times we come across students who have nothing but bad reports about the IJMB program, but if you take a closer look you will realize that the examination bodies have no fault.

The question is this, how do students fail either IJMB / JUPEB? I have been able to curate 5 reasons, so if you are currently going for IJMB or JUPEB or consdering running either programs, then this post should be read till the end.

  1. Students Forget Themselves – Most IJMB study centres are located around university environments, IJMB/JUPEB students forget they are not in the university yet and start living their lives like University students. Many times i have come across IJMB / JUPEB students who miss classes because their neighbours in the university have a cancelled lecture. Yes with IJMB / JUPEB you will enter 200 level, but you aren’t there yet. Don’t miss classes.
  2. IJMB /JUPEB isn’t O’level – These programs are called advanced level programs for a reason, when studying study like an A-level student, when answering tests and examinations within the programs it is compulsory you answer these questions like advanced level students. You can ask your IJMB / JUPEB tutors about the best ways to answer a certain question.
  3. Poor learning and understanding – The last of these is the hardest to get around. It may be due to class teaching that is not brilliant, or just to the fact that you are not really interested in a subject. But once you are committed to taking an exam, you may as well give it your best shot.

Things you can do to improve your knowledge:

  • Make sure you have read all the set textbooks/workbooks and then supplement that information with (good, accredited) sources of information on the internet and from the library.
  • Study with your friends sometimes, to encourage you to work, share ideas and learn their techniques for understanding and remembering things. You can create your own outside of school learning class but with your closest friends. There’s never a bad result when you’re sharing knowledge with friends!

4) Bad Examination Preparation – IJMB & JUPEB are prestigious programs but many students have the misconceptions that a lot of malpractices can occur during the exam. i am here to inform you that you will fail woefully if you think for a second that you can go to an IJMB / jupeb examination centre and not prepare. Study hard or the supervisors will tear your scripts.

5) IJMB / JUPEB in the wrong study centre – Students fall, victim, because they choose to enrol for IJMB /JUPEB in terribly managed study centres. Ensure you as questions before enrolling for IJMB / JUPEB in just any study centre. You can send us a WhatsApp message if you need confirmation.


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